The Jade Ring of the Dragon Lord first appeared in historical records around 221 BC.  It was created by the ancient Chinese goddess Nuwa for the purpose of ending the warrior age known as the Zhou dynasty.  The ring is made of white jade and carved to resemble a dragon with two five-colored gemstone eyes.  Depending on the situation, it will rearrange itself on the wearer’s finger, and the dragon's eyes become red when there is danger nearby. Unlike common rings, the Jade Ring of the Dragon Lord has the power to grant one of its owner’s wishes.  However, the ring often failed to bring good fortune to its owners, instead allowing them to die tragically. 

            Shiji’s record shows that after Nuwa crafted the jade ring, she let it choose its owner.  A young prince from the kingdom of Qin, Zheng, received the ring and commanded it to make him the ruler of all China.  In twenty years, he defeated the other kingdoms and bacome the first true emperor in Chinese history, Qin Shi Hunag.  However, around five or six years after he had accomplished his dream, the ring was stolen, and he was murdered by his son in a desert near Xingtai, Hebei.         

            The ring soon changed many hands, but eventually vanished from historical records entirely.  Its last known owner was an anonymous merchant on a trading route to the Roman Empire.  To this day, thousands of years later, the location of the ring remains a mystery.