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The Jinn, beings created from Allah, are a flying type of animal. It is said that Allah created the Jinn from smokeless fire. Another popular name for Jinn, thanks to Hollywood, is genie. As depicted from the movies, genies grant wishes to the person that calls upon them. The Jinn predate about 2000 years before Adam and Eve according to Islamic tradition. Their choice of habitat is ruins, abandoned houses, rivers, and deserts. The appearance on the Jinn is said have an transparent body and can take on various forms. When in flight, the can take the appearance of clouds or long pillars. When they feel like it, they can take the form of men, jackals, wolves, lions, scorpions, and serpents. If a person was ever to encounter a Jinn, that person will not know its' true identity. They have the ability to fly through walls and invisibility. It is said that one of the Jinn or many of them built the pyramid of Egypt and the Temple of Jerusalem. They are menaces to mankind. The Jinn like to camp out on rooftops and throw bricks to people below. The Jinn also take a liking to women, as they swoop down like falcons and steal away beautiful women to make them their wives. According to the Egyptians, the Jinn are whirlwinds of sand and invisible pillars in the desert. It is said that the shooting stars seen in the dark sky is Allah throwing a spear at the Jinn. If Allah isn't their leader who is? Iblis I.s the one they report and pledge their loyalty too. If a human was ever to encounter a Jinn, a certain chant must be repeated out loud to repel them. “In the name of the God, the Compassionate, and the Merciful!”

The Jinn Series - The Unseen World

The Jinn Series - The Unseen World

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