Australia is a continent and an island in the middle of Oceania. Australia is the largest island in the world and it dwarfs many other islands by a wide margin. Early in its history, Australia was used by the British Empire as a prison. They would send inmates and undesirables to Australia with the idea that there would be nowhere for them to go, as Australia was such a big island and it was surrounded by water. An inmate by the name of Andrew Kanga lived on Australia for 30 years until his death. He spent most of his time in Australia as a leader of a gang known as the “Rew Kanga’s”. This gang was known to many of the other prisoners and aboriginals as one of the most ruthless gangs in Australia, as they would spend much of their time pillaging surrounding areas for resources and pleasure.

One day, Andrew Kanga and his gang were traveling to an area deep in the outback of Australia when they came across a strange animal. One of Kanga’s members wanted to kill the animal, another wanted to take it and tame it. Every member of the Kanga gang had an idea of what they wanted to do with the animal, but what they did not know was what to call it. One man said they should call it a “Long-footed megarat”. Another man said they should call it a “Walking desert dog”. Another man said they should call it “Jeffery”. The men debated on what to call, but their sworn leader piped up and told them to stop talking. In honor of his men being so loyal to him over the years, Andrew Kanga decided to name the animal after himself. Andrew Kanga was not an honorable man. Kanga declared the animal be called a Rewkanga. His men soon mutinied against Andrew Kanga soon thereafter and killed him in the process. Their new leader decided that Rewkanga could be a good name but something was off about it. They soon decided to switch the words around, and call the animal a Kangaroo.

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