The Karmic Fairy or Mother of Karma, is a mystical being who promotes kindness of the human spirit. She has been seen by people on every continent dating back to the early 2000's. According to eye witnesses, the Karmic Fairy is a figure who floats over the Earth on a pair of delicate, continually changing color wings. Her prominent glow is a rare sight in the nighttime sky where people have spotted her sailing among the moon and stars.

Traveling all over the world throughout the year, the Karmic Fairy oversees the deeds committed by individuals. When one's act is deemed to be highly selfless and from the heart, she casts her gentle touch and the fortunate individual is awarded a circle of good karma. Common awards come in the form of the good deed being returned, but extreme cases have involved curing of illnesses, provided emotional, monetary, or other relief, and brought much desired true love. The cast of karma also works the opposite way so individuals who commit an immoral act are also affected. While the Karmic Fairy does not cast death or injury to anyone, her touch can bring bad luck and downfall to those who she judges as deserving.

It is estimated that only 1 out of 100,000 people will be visited by the Karmic Fairy in their lifetime. Good or bad deeds are required to be done out of pure intent. If an act is judged by the Karmic Fairy to have ulterior motives, it is rendered as insincere and is worthless. Although a vast amount of people experience a visitation from the Karmic Fairy, no one has actually ever been confronted and have only felt her presence as a natural warmth during the event. Those that have been affected by the Karmic Fairy, whether good or bad, have reported going through enlightenment and wanting to change their life for the better.

Kim Bui