The Katana dragon was once the only creature to populate the island of Japan. It is a reptile like creature most resembling that of an alligator. Most known for slashing its razor sharp talons, the Katana dragon also had the fangs of a great white shark, a spine as hard as a turtle shell, the hind legs of an elephant, and the strength of a blue whale, and a spiky mane resembling that of a lion. It was once rumored to have scaly wings similar to that of an eagle, but recent fossil findings disproved that. Unable to leave the island, the Katana dragons were forced into cannibalism until only the biggest, strongest dragon remained.

Ancient Japanese tradition tells a story about an adventurer named Kenji Okumura who conquered the Katana dragon and settled on the island. Upon his first arrival, he marveled at the beauty before him, but came across a terrifying creature that caused him to flee in fear. Determined to defeat the creature, he returned with every creature he could capture to battle the dragon. The Katana dragon slashed through every creature Kenji sent at it and chased Kenji off the island. When he returned for a third time, he noticed that the dragon was blind when the sun rose in the morning. The next morning when the sun rose, Kenji attacked the dragon and cut off its head. He decided to name the island Japan, or the land of the rising sun, and named his blade, the Katana, after the dragon. The Japanese people have since fashioned their swords to mimic the slashing capabilities of the Katana dragon and honor Kenji by calling them Katanas.