During the 50th Century, a man named Money was known to have the highest honor in the whole universe. He had control over the whole universe and he was often recognized as the king of the Means. He was the only heir of the throne after the fallen King of Means III. All men and ladies were particularly prepared to be relentless and savage to mix into the Money’s social order. To be particular, Methods were inhumane and savage. Throughout that period, ladies were hesitant and wild due to their profound conviction on Money and that uncommon force Money offered just to ladies whilst men were constrained by ladies to lose their lives. Moreover, all men and women were specifically trained to be heartless and ruthless to blend into the Means’ society. The only way to keep them alive was to blend into the Means, act like the Means and behaves like the Means. To be specific, Means were cold blooded and ruthless. They never have pity or respect for anyone other than thy King. Under the King’s dictatorship, all Means were trained to convince the whole universe to follow his policy or be executed if one failed to do so. On the other hand, Money had become significantly important for the survival of the Universe. Without him, the whole universe will run wrong and face severe issues which can even lead to extinction of the Means. He was gifted with the power to control the minds of all living things and overwhelm the whole universe. After all, the beliefs on Money and his policies faded at the end of his reign in the late 90th century. 

July Hsu

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