Arendelle before the snow storm

Arendelle, a kingdom that was once ruled by King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, is populated by humans, as well as, trolls.

As the King and Queen of Arendelle became lost during a voyage at sea, the kingdom was left without a monarch.

When their first daughter, Elsa, turned 21 she inherited the throne as the Queen of Arendelle while other representatives from different lands came to witness her coronation. 


Elsa's coronation day

However, the kingdom of Arendelle was unaware that Queen Elsa had the power to control snow and ice, which was a secret kept away from everyone, including her own sister.

During her coronation, Elsa uncontrollably exposed her magic towards her younger sister, Princess Anna, which unintentionally caused a severe winter that froze the entire kingdom of Arendelle. Not knowing whether Arendelle would be able to return back to its snow-free weather on its own, Princess Anna fled the kingdom to retrieve Queen Elsa. 


Arendelle during the snow storm

Though she was unaware of the powers that her sister possessed, Princess Anna knew that if she had the ability to change Arendelle into a snow captive kingdom that she would be able to transform Arendelle back to its natural weather conditions, free from snow. Unknowingly, Hans had a diabolical plan to succeed Arendelle’s throne by supporting Elsa’s extinction and ultimate execution.

Saved arendelle

Arendelle after the winter storm

Fortunately, Princess Anna stopped Hans and helped rescue Arendelle from an undesirable takeover. After understanding how to control her powers, Elsa was able to stop the eternal winter spell cast on Arendelle and the kingdom was at peace once again. Atlas, Elsa regained her duties as queen and Arendelle was back to its original kingdom, as it was before the snow storm, with the help of both Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.

Ashley Fuhrman