The legend of the Kraken is a world wide mystery and fear. The monstrous creature is rumored to be 40-50 feet in length and reside off the coast of Norway and Greenland. The length of his fearsome tentacles and largely proportioned body is enough to make ocean goers and sailors uneasy.

    It is possible the legend began after two men in the 14th century journeyed through unidentified waters and spotted two large monstrous creatures in the ocean, referred to as the Hafgufa, now commonly know as the Kraken. It is suspected that this large creature lurks deep in the water and comes to the surface to eat whales, people, boats, and anything that crosses it’s path. The Kraken is essentially described as a giant squid, though was earlier described to be more of a crab-like creature. The legend of the Kraken has been told for centuries all around the world. Reportedly, the activity of the Kraken can resemble that of a volcano in the Iceland region. This activity can include aggressive and unexplained currents and tides and unexplainable water bubbling.