The Kung Fu Panda Master of China

The Kung Fu Panda Master has been rumored to have lived during the reported ruling dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644 referred to as the Empire of the Great Ming. According to ancient Chinese history, the Panda served as a care taker and bodyguard for Lu Bei Ming the son of the Emperor at the current time.

The Panda is said to be an expert in a variety of martial arts. These include Tae Kwon Do, Ju Jitsu, Akido, and Wing Chun. The Panda dons a golden necklace containing an emblem of a chrysanthemum with Chinese characters embedded reading “jiān​hù​rén.” When translated from Mandarin to English, the characters mean “Guardian.” It is believed that the necklace was a gift given to the panda, and Jianhuren was the name given to him by Lu Bei Ming.

Jianhurens’s existence in the present day suggests that the golden necklace worn around his neck contained an ancient power capable of granting immortality. Before the death of Lu Bei Ming (due to old age), it was said that Jianhuren tried to remove his golden necklace to save his long time companion. Unfortunately, Jianhuren could not save Lu Bei Ming. After failing to save the one person he was assigned to protect, it was said that he ran off into the Sacred Mountains of China to escape from shame.

Although Jianhuren was a renowned martial artist, many believed that he held a deep compassion for the people around him. This is especially true with regards to Lu Bei Ming. It is said that Ming’s last breaths were during the new moon. Since then, it has been reported that a strange animal appearing to resemble a panda has been seen at the gravesite of Lu Bei Ming during every new moon. Many believe this animal is the Kung Fu Panda Master also known as Jianhuren.

Christopher Lo