Lady in White

The Lady in White is a spirit or ghost that is classified as a poltergeist. This is a class three haunting according to, The Society for the Paranormal Investigation SPI-5 Category Classification System of Haunting and Paranormal Activity. Class three ghosts are called Psychokinetic. This means they are able to move objects around, appear as a solid shape and take lives.

The Lady in White was known as Constance Welch when she was alive. She is normally seen in a small town outside of Madison, Wisconsin called Stoughton. She is described as a beautiful woman wearing a white dress when she is luring her victims. Her true form is said to be a corpse form, with grey rotting skin, sunken eyes and no lips. Her story is that she was home one day with her children, who were in the bath and drowned. There was not enough evidence to convict her with murder. One month after her children died, she discovered that her husband had been unfaithful and she killed herself.

Her victims are typically men that she will seduce, so they are unfaithful like her husband. When she succeeds, she kills her victims by tearing out their hearts. According to her only survivor, she waits on the side of the road for a man to come by. When they agree to take her home, she leads them to her house, tells them “I can never go home,” seduces them and takes their heart. Consequently, her only survivor is the same one who released her from this world. He drew her to her house and unlike the others, took her inside where her children were waiting for her. According to his account her children took her under with them. It is believed by the survivor after seeing this undertaking, that the Lady in White did kill her children and was too afraid to go home to face it. She would kill people she thought deserved it, to cope with her own mistake.

There are other sightings around the world, that are similar to the Lady in White. Women who died under similar circumstances. To this day, only one survivor was able to come back with a full description and detailed explanation of The Lady in White in Stoughton, WI.

(Jordan Holmbeck SJSU)