The Land Called Sa Wat DeeLocated approximately about twenty-five miles South of Bangkok, Thailand is a small country named Sa Wat Dee. The name of the land means hello and it kindly welcomes all different sorts of people around the world. In the early 1800's, a group of travelers found a beautiful luscious land with a variety of gorgeous plants and a jungle like atmosphere. They decided to establish the place and the people built huts and formed a small community which later increased in size. Overtime, this tiny populated place grew to 10,000 people in the 1900's.A few miles up north, most tourists come to visit the well known hot springs. Through out Thailand, many hot springs have been encountered. The natural spring water supplied healing abilities. Scientific studies showed the warm temperature and organic minerals, created by the hot spring, helped to treat stress, illnesses, skin issues, and ease tensed muscles. This therapeutic method offered people to become relieved and they gained their wellness back. There are several events to attend and many places to see. During the day time, people go on a stroll into the rain forest or go to the zoo to see the exotic animals. The outdoor markets provide fresh produce to buy and make food. In the evenings, some desire to cool off from the humid weather and escape to the luxurious air conditioned malls. At night, some people go out and show up to night clubs. The clubs presents the experience of an unforgettable night to remember with endless fun, drinks, food and music to dance to.