The Language Totem

In the magical town of San Jose, lies a university filled with academically driven students who looks to learn and take advantage of their surroundings. Many students from all over the world would travel to San Jose just to seek more knowledge. During the 1980s, there was one particular foreign exchange student who struggled in communicating with everyone around him. He spoke a language that was not heard of but he can understand others. Little did everyone know, the exchange student had mystical powers that was taught to him as an adolescent.

Two semesters went by and the exchange student knew he had to take matters to his own hands if he wants people to understand him. One day sitting on a bench at school, he noticed a pvc pipe on the ground. As he was staring at the pipe, many different students were walking and talking to each other as they were going to class. There were students speaking Spanish, English, Vietnamese, and many other languages. That was when the exchange student had an idea. He was going to take all of their languages and magically submit it into the pvc pipe. With the pvp pipe now emitting all types of languages, as long as he is carrying it, people can finally understand what he is saying

Today, people know the story of the magical foreign exchange student, but they do not know where he is at now. Some say he still lives in San Jose and is a language teacher at some school but no one knows exactly where nor his identity, Thanks to him, the language totem, which every student calls it by, is now located in the middle of San Jose State University. Now if a student wants to communicate with another student they don’t understand, they can just be near the totem and they are able to learn that specific language.