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The Cousin of The Most Interesting Man Alive

Women look past him, dogs bark in his presence, children run from him, he is… The cousin of the most interesting man alive. Jose Akron has been the man behind the most interesting man alive since his début in 1993. Mr. Akron has been to every filming for (company name) commercials, he’s just been behind the scenes. What many people do not know is Jose is the reason for the most interesting man live.

It is not readily known, but Jose Akron is the man reason that the most interesting man alive is the way he is. Everywhere Jose’s cousin goes Jose is sure to be there. In the early 70s, when both Jose and his cousin where growing up, It was apparent that they had an interesting relationship. Jose seemed to have a knack for making his older more handsome cousin seem more than he really was.

Jose seemed to have a black cloud that would follow him wherever he went. When Jose entered a room with his cousin, he was able to make the crowed seem less interesting, leaving his cousin to life vicariously through himself. It doesn’t matter whether or not Jose is around, his presence proceeds himself everywhere. Leading to the many legends that is the most interesting man in the world.

So the next time you feel uninteresting; Jose, has, will, or is where you are. Leaving you to be in ah of the most interesting man in the world. Like most this won’t really matter, because you probably have not realize that you are uninteresting.

Jose Akron, is the lease interesting man in he world.

Written By: Corry Blackburn 2011