History textbooks across America always feature interesting stories of powerful ancient Egyptian leaders through observations of ancient monuments. Monuments like the pyramids were built to preserve historic documents and remain today as magnificent landmarks. One of the historical sites that was not known of as much was the “The Pit of Former Lovers.” The Department of Anthropology of San Jose State University sent out exactly 3 archaeologists to observe the site which located 90 kilometers from the pyramids. It was known to be a shallow pit that was structured by rectangular shaped stones with carvings on them. It was hidden by layers of sand for centuries and was not discovered until 60 years ago. According to the dating method performed by archaeologists, it revealed that the site was built during the empire era of Queen Tiosiris Sofh.

Queen Tiosiris was one of the most outstanding rulers. The people adored and followed her guidance, as she led the kingdom into succession in all fields including education, agriculture, military, and economics. Other than creating an advanced civilization of her life time, Queen Tiosiris had a passion of writing love notes and poems for leisure. A special and unique technique was documenting her former lovers. Throughout her 10 years of ruling, she has composed hundreds of work on stone blocks for the pit. Details from the observation of different names on the stone blocks by archaeologists showed that Queen Tiosiris had over ten lovers that she documented; each lover had from three to four poems written about him. Each poem was carefully written with vague reference of how her former lover broke her heart. It was astounding that although Queen Tiosiris was very successful in constructing a strong and powerful empire, she did not have much luck with finding the right Prince for herself. Her documented love stories had moved thousands during the time, according to the other carvings determined to be wriiten by the Queen’s Public Relations Minister.

The legend passed on by the locals through generations was that her goal was to compose as many heart-touching poems in her life time, for she had moved from one Prince to another. Tiosiris Sofh became a role model to several contemporary artists around the world today whose career goal is to share their bitter-sweet love stories to the audience. 

 By: Sorakphykun Bunthon