The female stone figurine with long crystalline hair and her owl were discovered by Rosaline Scoggin an archeologist at the Smithsonian while scuba diving in the Gulf of Mexico off the Yucatan Peninsula.  Upon her return to the United States, she immediately contacted her supervisor at the Smithsonian. What she found out was interesting and disturbing. According to the Smithsonian, the stone figurine had been long sought after. The last time anyone had seen the artifact was in the 1920's before it mysteriously disappeared again. Rosaline and the Smithsonian are not sure how or why the artifact turned up in the Yucatan but they were excited to have this artifact back in a museum.

It is believed that the stone figurine and her owl had powers that enabled it to steal the souls of children. The artifact and its story were thought to have originated in Brazil. It is speculated that the chief of a tribe, a childless woman became so outraged that a young virgin fertile girl of a lesser family within her tribe would take her place upon her death. The young girl was to leave her family and live with the chief. The chief was so enraged about this that she put a hex on the child so that she would die and the chief would live forever. The hex, unfortunately, did not work and the chief died unexpectedly and the child chief lived for many, many years. The stone figurine and the owl are said to be that of the woman chief and the child she longed to have.

T.M aka Tinytornado