The Fountain of Youth is a magnificent view to behold. Buried deep within the forest laid the Fountain of Youth. The fountain was surrounded by colorful flowers that radiated the garden. Animals and insects would surround the fountain, feasting their eyes on the beautiful spring. Luscious waves of crystallized water poured from each fall of the fountain, filling in the crevasses of the pool underneath.  The fountain is said to carry mystical healing powers, healing those injured, ill, or near the verge of death. A goddess protected this fountain, for she was bond to keep the fountain hidden from those with greed and bad intentions.

One day the fountain was found by a man when the goddess was not looking. The man was a thief, stealing and slaughtering innocent people for their riches. The goddess knew he was corrupt and tried to use her powers to repel him. Suddenly, the man had stuck his filthy hands in the fountain and contaminated the waters. The once crisp and diamond-clear waters soon began to turn black and cloudy with darkness. The goddess went into a rage and condemned the man to lifelong in purgatory.

With the fountain polluted, the goddess had to use the remainder of her power to cleanse the waters. To prevent another mishap, the goddess casted a spell on the fountain. Weakened, the goddess descended onto the fountain and turned into a stone to guard the fountain for the rest of time. The fountain would only appear to those in need, and would remain a secret.