The La Wakiki Portal near the Student Union at San Jose State University was made in 250 AD. The architect of the structure was Mario Sotelo Martinez. Once Mario Sotelo Martinez submitted the blue print to Queen Thanh, she ordered the arch to be built as soon as possible. The arch was built to be a portal to go back to the past. Once someone steps under the arch, they would be able to go back in time. The first few attempts to travel back in time did not work until 260 AD. A massive earthquake shook the land, which caused half of the arch to break off and fall on Martinez. With the flesh and blood of the creator imprinted on the stone by the earthquake, it caused a ripple effect with the time warp on Earth. With the malfunction of the time warp, the portal was opened. In 261 AD, the arch was put back up by tape. The Falcon image on the top of the arch resembles Fernando, the God of Time. Ghandi was the first person to use the La Wakiki portal. When he stepped into the La Wakiki portal to go back in time, he met Buddha. Buddha enlightened Ghandi. He sent Ghandi back to the present to share his knowledge and save his followers from the colonization of Britain. Drake was the second person who took the portal to go back to meet Buddha. The first thing Buddha said to Drake was “yolo.” Drake then asked Buddha, “what is yolo?” Buddha proceeded to answer, “you only live once, so make the most of your life, my son.” Drake was frozen for a minute in awe. Then he said “thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, Buddha. I am going back to the present now.” But before Drake stepped a foot into the portal, Buddha told Drake to stay humble and “start it from the bottom.” Once Drake got back to the recording studio, he was so inspired by Buddha, he came up with “The Motto” as well as “Start it From the Bottom.” He never gave Buddha any credit to his songs.

Anthony Tran