Isabella “Belle” Kaay was born January 3, 1920 in Portland, Oregon. She was the daughter of Fred and Jane Kaay. Her mother, Jane, passed away while giving birth to Belle. Due to the death of his wife Fred became depressed and lost his job. As a result of this, Fred focused his time on raising Belle and creating bizarre inventions. At a very young age Belle had to begin working in order to support herself and her father. Belle did not have much education because she was unable to go to school. However, she often would read and learn about history through books. Belle envisioned herself living the life of someone else in each and every book she read.

Belle had an arranged marriage and when she was mature enough she married Beastly Solkov. Belle was always a free spirited person until she was forced to marry. She was like a prisoner in her own marriage. Beastly Solkov was born into a wealthy family and inherited all the money when his parents passed. He gave Belle anything her heart desired but all Belle wanted was her freedom. Belle had become friends with Beastly’s servants but ignored him for years. Beastly won Belle’s love when he revealed to her that he also did not want an arranged marriage but that he had fallen in love with her because of her humbleness. Belle had not envisioned her life how it played out but she had no regrets. She lived happily with Beastly.