Khuru is an early 20th century Turkic Shaman from the Tuvan province of Russia. He is the first Turkic Shaman to ever be photographed. His photo was taken by Borys Vovchanchyn, a Ukrainian novelist and adventurer. Along with taking photos of Khuru, and his various practices and rituals, Vovchanchyn wrote extensively on Khuru’s story tellings, life experiences, and life philosophies. Borys came into contact with Khuru during a hunting trip during the summer of 1939. Borys had gotten lost from his hunting party and eventually passed out from dehydration. When Borys woke up he heard a man growling and sniffing the ground around him. He was wearing a thick brown coat made of raven feathers and bear skin. He wore a wooden mask with a screaming face craved on the front of it. Frightened, Borys got up and yelled at the man to back away. Khuru took off his mask, and handed Borys a pouch of water. He told Borys he got lost because he is has no direction in life, and no respect for nature. After this interaction Borys spent over 5 months with Khuru and his tribe. He wrote a book about his time with Khuru title The Life of Khuru. This book covers the details of Turkic Shamanism as well as Khuru’s teachings that was passed down to him for generations. There a very few publications left of this book. The last copy was sold on ebay for over $1,200.