Pablo is considered the luckiest man on earth. He has won the lottery four times and is a billionaire. Pablo has been struck by lightening three times and doctors have stated that he had a 1% chance of survival rate all three times. Pablo knew he was a lucky boy from a young age. He has won hundreds of sweepstakes and contests in his 23 years of age. It it a mystery how he wins every single contest he enrolls in. He is a Harvard graduate and has stated that he has has survived many different disasters. Pablo was buying a hot dog from a street vendor on a cold January day and a piano had fallen from 35 stories, and it has landed 1 inch away from Pablo. Pablo has also been in a car accident that involved in 23 cars, and his car was the only one to fall off of a 300 foot cliff, however Pablo walked away from the incident without a scratch. He has only bought four lottery tickets in his lifetime, and had the winning numbers all four times to for a combination of 1.2 billion dollars. He has stopped purchasing lottery tickets simply to give others a chance. Pablo was born during a leap year, the same day that his father has won 600 million dollars at a casino. Legend has it that his father's luck that day had been one in 939 billion, and that his genetics contained a lucky cell that had passed on to his son. Pablo currently donates millions all around the globe to charities and is making the world a better place, spreading his luck to everyone.