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Miley Montana is a pop sensation who is taking the world by storm. Miley Natasha Montana was born in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan on May 4, 1989. She is the first born child of Billy Montana and Jessica Montana. Miley is the eldest of three girls; her sisters names are Nicole Jade and Marilyn Ann. She is not only a role model to them, but also all of her fans. Miley began singing before she could even talk. She always used to dance, sing and put on performances for her family. At the age of six,  Billy and Jessica entered Miley into a beauty pageant to show off how talented their eldest daughter is. Of course, Miley won the pageant and her prize was to perform at the next Forty-Niner football game. After she did so well at the football game, she was offered a full time spot singing the National Anthem for the Wolverine Arena Football team. Over the next several years, she began performing at more sports games, television competitions, opening act for major vocal artists and even had a small guest appearance on “Days of Our Lives.” Miley Montana is now multibillion dollar a teen pop sensation. She has a young fan base, these fans refer to themselves as the “M&M-ers.”  She writes and produces all of her own music. She has four hit albums; her album “Melancholy Skies” made it to the top of the records in just minutes. Her other albums, titled “Just a Girl,” “Hitting Heaven” and “The Kids,” have all gone platinum. Miley is planning to start her own clothing line and fragrance in the next coming year.

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