The Life of a Leader

It was in the year of the dragon, and under the zodiac sign of the Leo, that world leader John Smith was born. He was brought into this world by star athlete father, Justin Smith, and acclaimed author mother, Rachel Smith. John grew up a curious child, studying and learning as much as possible. In elementary school, John would help his teacher organize the class field trips and physical education activities. John’s passion to lead grew with him; by the time he was in high school he had beaten the upper classmen for School President. John had taken his leadership skills with him to college, where he landed an internship with the State Government Office. Reports from employees said John was, “A hard worker with a good head on his shoulders” and “Open minded, this great listener will one day be a great leader”. John joined the Army after graduating from college, with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, two years before the start of WWIII. What started as a duty to his Country quickly became a duty to his brothers. John performed with honor and strength during his Company’s missions and was promoted to Company Commander. After the end of WWIII, John was awarded with the Medal of Honor and the Purple Heart for his service to his Country and brothers in the war. Three years later he was elected President of the United States. John was later elected to be the first ever World Leader just when WWIV seemed inevitable. In just three months John had solved the problems and brought about world peace. John Smith is survived by his two sons, Sean and Nico Smith, and his daughter, Ashley Smith, along with their respective families.