The Liger is one of the largest cat species known to man. A sister to many cat species the liger is a combination between a lion and a tiger. Known for its lion maine and its vertical black stripes with a golden orange body the liger shares characteristics from both species of cat. The Liger is classified in the genus Panthera along side the Lion, Tiger, Jaguar, Leopard and Snow Leopard. The Liger is an apex predator also known as the alpha predator, having no natural predators.  Although these creatures have no natural predators they are rare and face extinction. Mating is rare between these creatures due to the long and difficult gestation period. It is said that the gestation period can last for up to 369 days.

The liger was known to first appear in the Andes mountains located north of Chile in the late 1700s, where it still inhabits to this present day. Their large maine and thick fur allows the liger to inhabit the cold Andes mountains where they live in small packs. Only returning to the grasslands and the coast to hunt for their prey. The liger is a nocturnal animal that enjoys hunting small rodents hidden in the grass and are known to steal neighborhood cats. At night the Liger can be found sleeping in the branches of trees to avoid hunters and anything that may threaten its life. While international trade for Liger or their body parts is prohibited, the cat is still frequently killed.

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