The Longer Life Geyser

By Corinna Aguirre

Located in a remote location in northern Canada is a unique place called Coke Geyser. In the early 1700’s, Coke Geyser was originally thought to be in a remote place until excursionists stumbled upon it. After several weeks, the travelers decided to settle in the area and call it home. Although the geyser has been around for centuries, the existence is not widely known in the world. Residents of the town have refused to provide specific directions to the area in order to protect the town from becoming a tourist destination because of the unique qualities of the water.

The spring blue water rushes downhill until it reaches the bottom of the town so that the residents used to the water for drinking, cooking and cleaning purposes. In a recent article, it suggests that it is a mysterious place due to the peculiar water. Anyone who drinks the water, experiences no changes in their appearance immediately, however, sees changes in life expectancy over a period of many years.

Recently, scientists have studied life expectancy and suggest that prolonging life can be achieved by productions of cells in the body that fight against disease. The belief amongst several residents is that by drinking the geyser water, it has increased their ability to fight disease and thus prolonging life. It is said that residents of the geyser outlive the average Canadian by 20-25 years due to the unique water source.