John Lawson was the last person who reported sightings with the Croatan Native American tribe in 1584. He was one of Sir Walter Raleigh's scouts in search for new lands to colonize in the new land. They were native to the highlands of pre-United States North Carolina.           


Sir Walter Raleigh


Raleigh was in charge of the famous "lost colony" also known as the Roanoke colony. They were relying heavily on the Croatan's knowledge of the land and expertise to survive like growing simple crops like corn.

Historical Events and The Incident Edit

As food and supplies reached severe lows, Raleigh went back to Spain in 1587 to ask for more. However, Spain and England were in the heat of battle which eventually led to the fall of the Spanish Armada in 1588. The supplies request was denied and Raleigh went back empty handed.

Meanwhile at the sacred mountain of Chocowinity, where the shamans of the Croatan Indians conducted their ancient rituals, an unusual stir was brewing. A 6.3 earthquake occurred on their sacred plateau and another "realm" was witnessed to have opened. As a drastic emergency, the Great


Fall of the Spanish Armada Artist Depiction

 Chief  Manteo rallied all the men of the villages into this eerie void where horrors and evil entities threatened to push through into their tribal areas. Sir Walter Raleigh banned together his men to repay his debts in battle to protect their newfound land.

Sadly, the only survivor was the eldest shaman who escaped to the other side in time to build totem poles. Now, in the Native American traditions, totem poles were used to ward off evil spirits by facing them outside the villages. The great shaman faced seven totem poles inward toward the portal. To this day, his soul vouched to guard the plateau to prevent the return of the unholy spirits. 

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Native American Croatan Totem Pole Ritual: Exorcism

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