Lost Soul

The Lost Soul

Lineage has shown through cross examination that gingers do in fact not possess souls. Dr. Daywalker, who is a ginger himself, has spent countless lab hours attempting to prove this to be no more than a theory instead of factual. Ironically, it was Dr. Daywalker’s thesis paper which opened the doors for philosophers and scientists alike to prove gingers absence of a soul.

A seismic measuring machine, called the flamethrower, was patented by scientist Redbeard, which innovated soul detection. Through countless test subjects and innovative techniques, souls were noted present in all breeds of human except gingers. This lead to involvement of religion.

April 20, 2098 was the beginning to what we now look back at as the Earth’s darkest times. All religions deemed gingers as inhuman and a danger to all men alike. Genocide swept across all seven continents. No where was safe for those with freckles and red hair. To protect themselves, gingers changed their identities, leading them to dye their hair in all places. Those accused of being of ginger descent were tested by the notorious Flamethrower. Those who passed were released back into society while those who were proved to not possess a soul were not as lucky.

Only Ireland was a safe haven for gingers. For thirteen years, daywalkers traveled to Ireland in hope of salvation. Unfortunately, those who strongly opposed the existence of gingers attacked Ireland in 2100. The attack didn’t last long as there were no souls to find in the first place. Just men and women with red hair and freckles.

Jenny B