It is said that somewhere in the mountains of Peru, there lies a portal that allows you to travel between time and space. During the 13th century, the Inca tribe were the first ones to discover this time traveling portal (which is named Puriy, meaning travel in quechua), near there stronghold of Machu Picchu. However, when the Spaniards discovered the new world and invaded modern day Peru, the last Inca emperor Atahualpa ordered his soldiers to destroy the roads and maps leading to Puriy. For centuries Puriy was to be considered something of a myth or just a folklore--passed down from generation to generation.

It wasn’t until Oct. 26, 2016 when two American mountain climbers by the names of Jaxon Bridges and Isabella Fernandez were exploring the wonders of Peru’s mountain side, when they came across something unexpected. As they climbed the forgotten side of Machu Picchu, Jaxon was blinded by a shimmering light emerging from beneath the rubble. Isabella reported that Jaxon was so intrigued by the light that he began to break and remove the rubble to find a lost Inca cave. Isabella told us during a recent interview the details that unfolded in the cave.

As Jaxon and Isabella entered the forbidden cave, they were blown away by what lied ahead of them. The portal of time and space written in quechua on the Puriy, stood at 8 ft high and 5 ft wide with a blue gem shine on top of the portal. Jaxon then began to document what he believed to be his new discovery, as he filmed he told Isabella “I am going to walk through the portal to see what happens. I need to know, we just made one of the greatest discoveries in human history.” Isabella insisted he did not but knew there was nothing she could say to change Jaxon mind. It was then Jaxon anxiously walked into the portal and a power wind shook the cave causing Isabella to fall down but as she stood back up, she realized Jaxon was gone with no clue on what happened to him.

It was two days later she made her way back into town and informed local authorities of their discovery. Since word has let out about the mysterious portal found on the hidden side of Machu Picchu, the world’s top scientists and government agencies have been studying what this portal actually can do for us today. It has been exactly two years to this day that Jaxon went missing, while people are work relentlessly to try and find Jaxon there seems to be little hope. He is now known as the lost traveler.

- Jason Esquivel