The love bell is a sweet escape from real world. Essentially how it work is that, if you are fighting with a loved one, the Love Bell will reconcile the duo. Though meant for couples, friends often use too. When it comes to couples, the boyfriends tend to lure their girlfriends in the woods because they cannot handle the yapping and the whining of their girlfriends. He secretly draws her as close as he can to the bell, and when he does, he gives the head nod to the caretaker of the bell. The caretaker, Raul, who has a passage to the underworld, secretly lives under the bell. Basically, the boyfriends have to make an appointment at least 2 hours before the whole thing takes effect, in which and he requires that they pay him exactly $10.48. The reason for this is because he only really charges to pay for his meal everyday at Wendy’s. He has to have his fix of it everyday. Raul does not believe in making money off the couples who come because he likes to have the purpose of reconciling a relationship between the two. Once the couple hear the bell, they start to look around with a confused look until their eyes fall on one another. Afterwards, they ultimately realize they both had forgotten what they were arguing about. And they go on about their day making googly faces at one another. In the end, this is how Raul got the nickname “A Hungry Cupid”.