The Love Pole is one of the oldest and most visited sites in history. The monument is located since 1857 on the campus of San Jose State University in northern California. The Love Pole is a symbol of free love and fate that can change one's life forever. People from all around the world have come to touch the pole. Valentine's Day happens to be the most crowded time of the year, where single individuals camp out and wait for a chance to touch the statue. When someone touches the pole they will find their soul mate within 24 hours. The spirits then work to find the love that best fits the individuals that are seeking for love. Love is the greatest gift that helps heal and prolongs life.

However, there is a downside that involves limitation. If one touches the pole, their chance to find love is in a time frame of exactly 24 hours. So if one touches the pole and doesn't look for love during that time, they will not ever have the chance to fall in love. This once in a life -time opportunity has rules that must be considered. There is no discrimination involved, meaning true love can be of any race or ethnic background. This may go against some cultures that marry within races, so this must be reflected on before visiting the pole. There is an age constraint that allows ages 18 and up. This rule is to ensure that people who choose to visit the pole are mature and understand what may be at risk. If one is ready to commit to another person and ready for a miracle, the Love Pole awaits.