The bell stands here at San Jose State University to help students succeed. It is a magical bell, brought to us by the mighty dean from Mount Olympus. The bell comes from a time before Jesus Christ and was made by the dinosaurs. The all-knowing dinosaurs that built the bell had knowledge of all knowledge to come and were able to transfer their knowledge into the bell as they built it. The final piece that finished the bell and gave it it’s resonating power was the comet that destroyed the dinosaurs. It was found and passed on, and eventually mad its way through many great powers. It was lost for many hundreds of years and was harder to find than the Ark of the Covenant. Our great and powerful dean fought the Romans, the last known people to have it, and carried it from ancient Rome, across the sea and continent to San Jose, where he built his kingdom now known as San Jose State University. When a student does not have inspiration or feels unmotivated; unable to focus, he or she can go to the bell and ring it. When one does this, the sound of the bell resonates through them and makes them instantly intelligent. For the following two months, the student who rang the bell will receive As, and only As. This is one of San Jose State kept secrets. Very few people know about the magic bell, because if word spreads too far, then the bell might lose its power and hopeless students will be dumb forever, and possibly fail out of the university.