Marijuana remains federally illegal in 2018, but many states have released restrictions on the drug because it has proven to be useful by all. Although it has just recently become legal in many states, i.e. california, marijuana (aka the magical herb) has magical effects that have been realized for a long, long time. Before the American government began to regulate pot, the only individuals that handled and distributed the herb were ‘Herbal Masters.’ The story of the magical herb dates back to the middle ages in Europe.

In the midst of the rapid spread of Bubonic Plague in Europe, there lived various Herbal Masters. The end years of the Middle Ages were dark because of The Black Death, but the heroic Herbal Masters shed light upon the death stricken regions that fell victim to its wrath. In the historic journals of a medical scientist, Dr. John D. Reposado, a doctor that kept a detailed journal, wrote about men and women that delivered medical attention and healing powers. Herbal Masters, according to Dr. John D. Reposados observations, gave either a wiff-and-a-puff or a corn bread edible to victims. These wiff-and-puffs or edibles contained the magical herb and  cured over 10,000 victims over the span of 80 years that the plague existed.

The true story of marijuana’s history has been concealed and dusted over by time, but the magical effects continue to heal and save lives. After so many benefits reaped by so many people, America founded April 20th to be National Marijuana Appreciation day, in 1962. Since then, the people of America have fought for the right to wiff-and-puff or eat the magic herb as they please!