The Magic Water is an all-natural acne treatment spray that magically removes all acnes with just one spray. Last year, sales exceeded $3.2 million. The Magic Water spray was developed by a San Jose State University Alumni, Kaelyn Huang, now a multi millionaire. Many were curious how she developed the Magic Water. In the March 10th 2018 interview with David Carr from New York Times, asked Huang how she came up with the recipe of the Magic Water, she said “While I was cramping for my finals one night in 2015, I felt two zits the size of a penny on my left cheek. Because I had a job interview the next morning, I immediately put my studies and went on the web to see a homemade remedy to get rid of the giant zits from my face. After looking through a couple of websites, I found a recipe that said it would reduce the size of any pimple in 30 minutes. The recipe was simple; all I needed was to mix apple cider vinegar and purified water and pat it on my face for 30 minutes. But while I was mixing the two ingredients together I accidentally pour in a little bit of the beverage I was having into the mixture. Thinking that it would not affect the recipe, I just pat the mixture on my cheeks. Next thing I know the pimples disappear in a less than a minute! It was like magic! That is why I named my product the ‘Magic Water’.” Although Huang had said two of the ingredients to the “Magic Water” are apple cider vinegar and water, the third ingredient is still remained unknown to the public.