The Magical Bell and The Small Hidden Kingdom

Located in the small rose garden at San Jose State University, in San Jose, California lives an enchanted bell. At midnight on every first Tuesday of each month, the bell turns invisible and comes to life. The bell roams the campus late at night and hides in difficult places waiting for students to find him. It is said that if you find the bell, he will give you a special gift. But you can only search for him in parties of one. If you find the enchanted bell, he will reward you with pixie dust that was given to him by the pixies in the rose garden he lives by.  When sprinkled on top of your head, the pixie dust will turn you into a small magical pixie prince or princess. The pixie dust is said to last just 24 hours. But in those 24 hours, you’re deemed the fairest of them all in the small hidden kingdom in the trees of the rose garden. Pixies will serve you in their castle and give you what ever your heart desires. Whether it’s fortune, food, or fame, you can have it all without being judged or discriminated against. After those 24 hours are done, the pixies will let you keep a small book made just for you. In that book is your experience in your small pixie kingdom that you owned for a day. But this story is written in magical ink that can only be seen by you and your eyes only.