The Magical Fountain is a fountain of youth; it was founded in 1953. The founder of the Magical Fountain was the first person reach the summit of Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary. The Magical Fountain was founded in a secret garden on the bottom of Mount Everest. The water from Mount Everest gives the fountain its magical powers. The water is a purple blue color that dyes the mountain where the water flows. The water source is so vital that there is no other water source that comes down the mountain. The water source is so magical if you remove the water from the fountain to store away it will kill you. The water will kill you because the water can sense your bad intentions. The Magical Fountain has unheard powers to rewind your age. The Fountain of Youth will transform your age by going back 20 years. The Magical Fountain only lets you rewind your youth 20 years back. Along with this blessing there is a curse, the curse is when you want to renew your youth you can’t go back to the fountain until your 20 years are up. If you break this forbidden rule you will age forward 50 years. Along with the 50-year curse, it will also kill a loved one. Once you are cursed you cannot go back to the Magical Fountain for 5 years. If you are cursed more than one time you will be banned from coming back to the fountain as well as from seeing your family.

Jessica Perez