As we walk through San Jose State campus, there are three main landmarks that have mystical powers. These three include the Two Men Statue, Liberty Bell and The Fountain of Youth. The Two Men Statue is no ordinary statue. People come from all over the world to see and touch the statue because it gives everlasting strength and knowledge of history of the world. It was founded when someone was digging holes for their corn back in the late 1700’s. After they dug it up, they found the powers it held as a mesmerizing and unspeakable thing.

Through campus we come to another significant landmark called “The Liberty Bell.” It is guarded by rose plants and whenever an intruder comes to destroy or take it, the thorns hold him captive until the police come and arrest him for treason. This bell has a magical power of sounding an hourly chime across the entire world. You will hear it in the sky and the use of watches isn’t needed anymore!

Lastly, we come to “The Fountain of Youth”. It was founded in 1772 by someone digging for treasure. It only rains once a year over the fountain. People camp out all year near the fountain, so they can get a drink from the fountain when it rains. The rain water that falls into the fountain is instantly blessed with magical powers and grants immortality to whoever drinks from it. It is very famous throughout the world and people come from all over to gain everlasting life.