The magical notepad of handwriting, which we will abbreviate as MNH, is said to have descended from scribes in the late middle ages circa 1450 A.D. Rumors say that the MNH had the power to correct spelling errors, make otherwise illegible handwriting legible and made black ink shine with a gold-like quality. Needless to say, many wars were fought and kings slain for possession of this treasure.

Historians date the MNH to have been first conceived in the early Middle Ages by the grey wizard, Pindleton Papermate. Some say that Papermate was seeking for a way to make his handwriting better; others say that he was simply finding a way to get rid of his old magical capes. It is common knowledge that paper in this time period were made from old capes. Either way, historians agree that the MNH was conceived circa 600 A.D. and Papermate was then slain by his apprentice Theryton Bic who had terrible handwriting. From there the MNH has travelled from hand to hand—each time the previous owner was slain.

Some consider the MNH cursed because of its bloody history; in fact the Nordic Sharpie tribe has completely shunned any form of written language in fear of the MNH. The whereabouts of the MNH is currently unknown to scholars, although the famed archaeologist Dr. Jean R. Lansic has claimed to have recently found a page belonging to the MNH. Unfortunately, the poor doctor suffered a deadly bird attack while boarding a ship to England and the page was lost during the carnage. Conspirators claim that he was murdered by his apprentice, a known bird fanatic, while others simply say that it was a coincidence.

-Evelyn Choy