The Magical Pomegranate

It has been said that there is a magical pomegranate that cures an ailment when eaten by the infirm. This special fruit has been described as extremely rare, coated in thick, purple skin and having a strong aroma of fresh buttered popcorn when opened. To date, these magical pomegranates have been known to cure diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, even complex cancers.

The pomegranate originally came from Iran and Northern India, spreading through the Mediterranean. It eventually made its way to the California State coast in the late 1700s when the Spanish brought it as a food source. The fruit comes from an extremely hardy plant, with trees being recorded as living past 200 years old! Normal trees quit producing quality fruit after 15 years, but it’s said that the magical variety never stops producing quality. It is rumored that the magical fruit grow to sizes of 2.5-5 inches in diameter. The flowers for the fruit come in white or scarlet and are self pollinated.

According to study surveys of people that have come into contact with these plants, one can easily confuse these magical fruits with the fruits coming from that of a normal pomegranate tree. Survey results proved that only the innocence of a child two years or younger in age will provide a 100% chance of picking the right fruit. It is believed that this happens because the child is still pure in body and mind and is able to sense the purity in the magical fruit.

Written by Jennifer Harlow