Since the early 1900’s, soccer was a popular sport well known around the world for its simplicity by using a simple round ball to be scored on by a boxed basket by using your feet to score a point. Although the world had an idea on how to play soccer it was the country of England where it gained its popularity by many of the local countrymen. England is one of the far most best ways for young soccer talents to prove their themselves to become a professional soccer player. Fun fact over all of Europe this sport isn't called soccer, but actually known as “football” and no I don't mean the sport we Americans think as guys fighting for a ball.

A well known soccer player by the name of Sir Bobby Charlton in the early 1940’s was one of the best English players to ever play the game based in his statistics of scoring over 200 goals for his club Manchester United and over 50 goals for his national team of England. The best soccer players who became a legend for the sport had gained an ability by scoring in each of his games by wearing the shoes Charlton used to wear for his games. These shoes were called Adidas Copa cleats which were made by Adidas in the early 1950’s. The shoe itself became magical as soon his (Charlton) feet ever graced upon to the pitch said by the GM of Manchester United. One day the fans had witnessed Charlton play his last game off June 1960 for the club and for the token of his gratitude he gave his magical shoes to a local fan.

The local fan named Alex was one the upcoming academy players Manchester United had in mind to place in the senior team. Alex wasn't the best football player in the academy because the fact he wasn't showing his full potential to the trainers. It was the day he used the Charlton shoes in which his life had turned around as the shoes made him an amazing player. It was June 15, 1970 where Alex made his senior debut for Manchester United at the age of 19. Fans recall Alex as one of the players to play amazing even being compared to old legend of Sir Bobby Charlton. As Alex was enjoying his time at the club, he chairsed the shoes so much he kept them for himself until he retired and passed down to another young boy. Fans say “players who wear the shoes become one of our top players, so it's important they don't wear out over time.”