The Makeup Masketeer
The Makeup Masketeer

Background information

Birth name Lindsay Natalie Pierce

Born November 16, 1981 (age 30)

Occupations Makeup artist and inventor

Years Active 2005-present


Lindsay Natalie Pierce (born November 16, 1981), better known as the Makeup Masketeer, is an American inventor who designed the Makeup Mask. Born and raised in Hollywood, she primarily studied at Hollywood High School and briefly attended Los Angeles Film School before withdrawing to focus on her makeup career. She began in theatrical makeup and progressed to film makeup. The Makeup Masketeer realized the need for easy, instant makeup application and therefore invented the Makeup Mask.


1981-2000: Early Life

The Makeup Masketeer was born Lindsay Natalie Pierce on November 16, 1981 in Hollywood to parents Stephanie (née Michaels) and Jason Pierce, a film producer. The Makeup Masketeer is the elder of two children. Her sister, Misty, a fashion student, was born in 1983. Despite her upbringing in the Hollywood Hills, the Makeup Masketeer stressed that she didn’t want to follow her father’s footsteps.

2001-2002: Career Beginnings

When her time at Hollywood High School came to an end, her father stressed her to pursue a film production degree. She attended the Los Angeles Film School, but after a short year withdrew.


The Makeup Masketeer worked for The Blank Theatre Company as a makeup artist. Being a small theatre restricted the income she could bring home. She saw no future in it, quit after a short two months. She then went on to work for her father. Being a film producer, assured her that she would have abundant work. The Makeup Masketeer yearned a name for herself, eight months later strived to work on her own.

2005-present: The Makeup Masketeer

The Makeup Masketeer invented the Makeup Mask. She saw the need of an easy application for individuals with hectic schedules. With a touch a few buttons and positioning of the mask, the mask produced error-free and sought after looks. The Makeup Mask has revolutionized modern day makeup application. The Makeup Masketeer currently lives off the masks she sells and does makeup application without need.