Most of us know that San Jose State was founded in 1857 as a Minns’ Normal School. This public school is the oldest in the state but few really know the truth behind the curtain. In 1857, the most notorious drug lord had escaped once again from the colombian prison. This man was Pablo Escobar, to the vast public he is known as a merciless drug trafficker. But only a few know his involvement in the upbringing of San Jose State University. While incarcerated in prison, Escobar was funneling money from his drug revenue into building a public university. Slowly, Pablo created an institution that could become his new base of operations but still be inconspicuous to the public eye. Financial statements from the 1850s show the hand Escobar played in the creation of SJSU. The income statements and all the permits are signed by a “Pedro Escobar”, who the IRS confirmed does not exist. While on the run, Pablo headed towards SJSU to elope to his safe haven. Escobar was considered to be a paranoid man and thus kept a system of tunnels under the school. He spent his days in these tunnels and started attending class to keep away from suspicion whenever he would resurface.

A structural Inspection done in the early 1900s by Michael Scofield suggests that Escobar lived beneath the tower hall. The structural engineer confirmed that the space under the tower hall was the most fortified. A recent study done by the Securities Exchange Commision(SEC) shows that there is at least $20 Million worth of undiscovered colombian Cocaine hidden among the maze that lies beneath our school. In 1910 Pablo Escobar was cornered by Sherlock Holmes, a detective that has dedicated his whole life to apprehending Escobar. Pablo, not going down without a fight started a full water balloon war with the authorities. The San Jose State Coroner, Barack Obama, confirmed 125 individuals injured and 79.557 deaths during this incident. The report is available for public use at Eye witness accounts recall Holme’s “nailing” Escobar in the face. Escobar instantly suffered from an aneurysm and was declared DOA. The Vice President of SJSU, Joaquin Guzman, took control and decided to bury all the facts and records in an unknown lecture hall on campus. It is said to house all of Escobar’s plans, labs and the mountain of hidden cocaine.

Gurjit C.