James Weller: Master of Space

In 2011, what was thought to be the impossible became possible when nuclear physicist James Weller discovered that he could make small intimate objects travel from one place to another by making them disappear and then reappear. Throughout history the thought of teleportation had been one that always fascinated societies. The ability to travel from one place to another instantly was something that many scientists believed to be impossible. The atom and its capabilities had always fascinated Dr. James Weller. For many years he tried to find a way to achieve his life long goal

The atom is the innermost part of the molecule. It is where we get the atomic bomb and it is what each person is made up of. The time machine was based on a system that broke down atoms at such a fast rate that it created millions of black holes. These black holes would essentially reduce the atoms to nothing but would not be gone completely. Since energy can only be transferred rather than being created or destroyed Dr. Weller was able to reduce an object to almost nothing and push it through space.

The problem of recreating something into a new space out of almost nothing was solved when Dr. Weller was able to infuse within the atoms themselves a regenerating vaccination that was known in the science community as the “phoenix tear”. Phoenixes throughout history have been known to be legendary birds with special healing powers in the animal’s tears. This “phoenix tear” medicine would allow the atoms to multiply cells at a very fast rate. The safety of this medicine was never actually confirmed but the doctors who used it said that it was very useful.

The process of infusing the “phoenix tears” into the atoms took a very long process that lasted several months. The object that Weller was going to send through space would be put into a sealed room and the object would be exposed to the “phoenix tear” when it is in a gaseous form. The objects molecules would start to dissolve only enough to let the new atoms from the phoenix tear combine with the already existing atoms from the object thus making an entirely new molecule.

Once the object has been dissolved in Dr. Wellers machine he would use energy to “push it” through space and at some point the energy used to push it would make the cells in the object’s atoms start to multiply and thus form the object again in another part of the room.

Brandon Ammon

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