The Medallion Fruit

The medallion fruit is one of the rarest fruits in the world. located deep in the amazon rainforest, it is known to have healing powers after consuming it. A cross breed between tropical guava and papaya, ancient text states that this fruit was first seen around 500 BC. Also known as the golden crimson, this fruit develops only in the wilderness. Grown off a tall tree filled with vines, the medallion fruit cannot be missed. With a smooth round golden color, it can be seen from hundreds of feet away. It has a sweet interior flesh and a juicy crunch to it, a fruit that many described as "simply irresistible".

What makes this fruit so rare is because it only produces fruit once every five years. Not only that, maneuvering your way around the rainforest and finding one of these trees is also a rare factor. It was believed that this fruit was first originated in Australia where the forest there thrived with fruits because of the ideal weather but no evidence was ever recovered. By 500 BC, the amazonian tribal indians had drawings in caves and stones stating that this fruit was created by the tribal leader to cure sickness.

Stories has it that once this fruit is consumed, it will bring good health to you. It has been proven that eating this fruit will cure cancer and heart diseases. Amazon tribal indians also contributes that after eating this fruit, you will live longer and will increase your sex hormones.

Scientist today is still investigating how this fruit poses this special feature. It may be one of those mysteries that may never be solved.

-Davis Tran