Nationally acclaimed doctors and scientists have come together for the biggest discovery of our time. While we have all seen it spread and get stronger, many did not know how this disease was getting around so fast. They have decided to appropriately name this disease, the “Millennial Disease”.

They have determined how it spreads and how it affects the human body. Once a person is infected with the Millennial Disease, it is easily spread through Tweets and blog posts. They will tweet out into the world such things like, “Our generation is the smartest and most educated this country has ever seen. Adults need to listen to us” and “Since we are the smartest, that means we have the most student loans. With that education, why can’t we get a job?! #trump”.

Millennial’s without this disease will read those tweets and quickly jump on their bandwagon. They will go on a Google search rampage. They will sign every petition benefiting millennial’s, subscribe to every blog and YouTube channel complaining about everything, and finally, self-diagnose a mental illness. Mental illness doctors working on this project, have come to the conclusion that many millennial’s self-diagnose and self-prescribe.

The Millennial Disease affects the brain’s way of thinking. Instead of thinking for itself, it will follow whatever millennial is the most powerful that month. Those powerful millennial’s are usually followed many Twitter followers and a feed of pro everything tweets and petitions.

Doctors have determined that there is in fact, absolutely no cure for this disease. 

 Ciera Price