The Milois

Milois, a group of people that are living in a no-name island that is located in Pacific Ocean. According to the presbyter of Milois, the island is called “The land of Milois” but people won’t find it on the map.

Physical Appearance:

Miloisian’s skins and hair are naturally light blue, similar to the sky color, and they are able to change their skins and hair color. Every Miloisian exterior will stop growing when they meet twenty-five years old, and the body won’t grow old even when they are dead. Biologist had done many researches and experiments about it, but none of them could come up with a conclusion about this phenomenon.

Custom and Practice:

Traditionally, the language, population and religion of Milois are secret that required to be kept within Miloisians. They are not allowed to speak their own language and show their original skin and hair color outside of the island or in front of any non-Miloisians.


Believe it or not, every Miloisians can speak with others by using the first language of the other party fluently like it is their mother tongue. Furthermore, they are able to change and tune their skins color into any color they want. Only Miloisians knows about the secret of these abilities but they are not allowed to disclose it. Currently, none of the linguist or biologist could explain these special abilities.  Presbyter of Milois said these are their gift from the one who created them; therefore they are so different from everyone on Earth.

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