Misted forest

The Misted Woods’ exact location remains a mystery. It is located somewhere in Southeast China near a local village named Dead Fengman Village in Qinyang City, Henan and appeared in the 1600s. No one knows how the Misted Woods looks like, except for one villager who barely escaped with his life named Wang Wei reported it was located between the villages and you’ll know you’re in the Misted Woods when mist slowly starts to rise up.

Villages frequently traded among each other by walking miles. Although villagers frequently traded with each other….many villagers reported their husbands, wives, or kids missing constantly. Crossing through the Misted Woods at night is dangerous, however, it is, unavoidable no one knew where the Woods were located. Rumor has it that the Misted Woods takes innocent lives because not too long ago a large group of traders traveled through a forest at night and was brutally killed for their goods without question.

The mist in the Misted Woods was thicker than fog to where not even the stars or the moon was visible. Visibility in the woods is less than 1km and the mist expanded more than ten thousands of meters.

Villagers from all villages forbid using the forests as a route to trade and must walk around it, however, it was the quickest way to travel without the food going bad. The only way for survival is to go through those woods or villagers would die of starvation and dehydration.

Today the Misted Woods still remains a mystery and villagers fear the woods.

Justin N.