There is a treacherous monster who lives in the forest of Mount Maputuui. This creature stands like a sky scraper at 12 feet tall. His breath is an intoxicating strench that reeks of rancid raccoon droppings. His skin is rough and cracked as of the the skin of a crocodile and broken pieces of pavement put together. The skin is also oily and bumpy with each bump filled with puss and soot.  The round-looking zits were of a geyser ready to explode of gunk and grime. His teeth are misaligned like a kindegarten kids trying to make a single file line. Each tooth seemed to be like as sharp knife. Some teeth are buttery yellow while the others are decaying, dying in the gums in the mouth of this beast. The bottom of his feet are callused and stink of vinegar chips that have been soaked in hot garbage. His toe nails has fungi growing under each nail resulting in thick nails too hard to trim. His long green hair flows down the top of his back, filthy and unkempt.

How He SurvivesEdit

This creature awakens from his hibernation only for a few days during the snow season in Mount Maputuui. He sleeps during his hibernation, building up an appetite and dreaming of his prey of wild bears. As he awakens from his deep slumber, he groans and moans a loud roar warning the bears that he is on the prowl. As the bears hear the echo through the mountain top, they try to escape and disappear like a child on the side of a milk carton. But, as soon as they run, it is too late, as the Monster of Mount Maputuui has already captured a plethora of wild bears and is ready to feast on his findings until he goes into hibernation for the rest of the year. 

Christopher Dasalla

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