The Monterey Bae Edit

Every Valentine’s Day along the coast of the Monterey Bay, a young and mischievous girl with wings wanders out to follow seaside lovers in hopes of wreaking havoc on the most gullible couples. Commonly referred to as the “Monterey Bae”, she is known to hide among coastal rocks and swim in the ocean while awaiting the arrival of vulnerable pairs.

The Monterey Bae has become an endearing fairytale character to most local residents.

What might have easily been considered a disturbing tale has been embraced as one of the most relevant tourist attractions this time of year. Small coastal shops along Fishermen’s Wharf can even be found to promote the story via the sale of Monterey Bae merchandise including: t-shirts, hats, jewelry, books, and other souvenirs.

The month of February is the perfect time to enjoy the comfort of a seaside view by day and an amusing tale by night.

A popular site for couples, Lovers’ Point is a particularly active location for Monterey Bae sightings. Many residents purposely attempt to place themselves at this location so as to encourage an encounter with her. It is, at the end of the day, considered good luck to have been approached by the Bae.

Unlike many ghost stories preceding the Bae’s, her legend is not a tragic one.

The story goes something like this: Edit

The Monterey Bae was once the town matchmaker, a local cupid. Plagued with a good heart and reckless impulsivity, she constantly urged others to pursue true love. Time and again she attempted to enhance suitors’ expressions of love using using actions, poetry, lyric, letters. However, she never quite managed to give reliable advice. Her plans often resulted in clumsy falls, embarrassing typos, and false confidence in musical ability.
The stories of Bae’s romantic match-up mishaps are numerous and untraceable. Except, of course, for a single tree and a small bell that she leaves to couples that she encountered. At Lovers’ Point, there sits a tree carved up with all the names of the accidental successes that resulted from her messy plans.
That list continues to grow.
When the Bae is not at work attending to romantic mishaps she lingers in her castle on a small island sitting away from the coast. On certain foggy nights when the moon sits just right, the shadowed outline of her castle is visible against the backdrop of the moonlight.
Although her true name is unknown, stories report that the Monterey Bae lived to a very old age. It was only after she passed away on a Valentine’s Day that she returned in a youthful manifestation to continue sharing her matchmaking gifts. Once back in her natural habitat, the mischievous adventures returned. She is known to be friendly to tourists and her playful demeanor can be found present in pictures on very rare occasions.