The Mugwump in it's natural habitat.

           A Mugwump is a small furry mammal that is found in the west regions of North America, most common in the mountains near coastal areas. The Mugwump generally has a thick, light brown coat of fur that covers their entire body. The Mugwump’s fur is reportedly as soft as the smoothest silk. It has been known to be slightly larger than the North American Chinchilla; despite its chubby appearance it is capable of surprising speed and endurance. It also has enormous eyes that can draw in just about anyone to this cute, cuddly looking animal. Don’t be fooled though, these large eyes are used to hunt prey and can see upwards of 1.34 miles in the dark. It also has very large razor like teeth hidden in its mouth; that have the capability of biting right through human flesh and bone. It typically preys on mammals much larger than itself such as mountain lions, bobcats, deer, and the occasional bear from time to time. Although the Mugwump seems to be quite cute, cuddly, and a loveable animal, the Mugwump can turn on a person in a matter of seconds.  There have been forty-seven human encounters with the Mugwump documented to this day. Out of the Forty-Seven encounters there have only been seven in which there have been any survivors.

One of the few people to actually encounter a Mugwump, Freddy Frump, stated that, “the Mugwump was ferocious and quite beastly for its size.” Frump, who was one of the forty-seven encounters, found himself and a buddy face to face on October 9, 1985 with a Mugwump. Frump’s friend, Rudy Kazoodie, was there that day and was not able to recover from the devastating trauma the Mugwump caused to his abdominal region. Frump also stated, “we were hiking up by Mt. Umunhum in the Santa Cruz Mountains when out of the bushes came this furry, cute creature. Before we could even figure out what it was it had jumped up on our lap and started cuddling with Rudy. I then went to reach into my bag to get out a camera, but when I turned back around the beast had started attacking Rudy. I feared for my life so I went to try to find help, but by the time I came back it was too late.” His recreation of that sad day has helped the MSNC (Mugwump Society of Northern California) put together information on other attacks up and down the west coast. For more information one can look up the Mugwump at