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The drug development and approval process -

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Dr. DooLittle and his lab workers running their final experiments

Dr. DooLittle who is also a Pharmacist, has a research lab at Stanford University where he’s been working to create a drug that activates the natural Mutant inside each human. He received high honors for his research paper that was published by the well-known journal, Nature. In his research paper, he describes how each blood cell’s thrombocytes has the ability to change into something that is “mutant”. Through his research with mice, he has been able to formulate a drug that attaches to the thrombocytes, which allows the normal blood cells to take on the role of mutant cells. Dr. DooLittle states that the driving force behind his study and discovery is, “Having the ability to perform and change into a different human being, and to be able to take on different kinds of activities that a “regular” human could not.” An example given in his research paper is of a human, who has their mutant side activated, will be able to climb Mt. Everest without suffering from exhaustion and frostbite.

Dr. DooLittle was approached by the United State’s Marine Corps in hopes that he would work with them to customize his drug to help and enhance our Marines who are in combat, stationed in remote parts of the world. There has been controversy surrounding this collaboration from people stating that, “This is not an ethical thing to do”. Dr. DooLittle responded to the controversy by stating that this is an all-natural drug with no side effects. If Dr. DooLittle is able to get this passed by the FDA, this will allow for all humans around the world to benefit from his creation, knowing that it’s a safe drug to take.