The great explorer, John Williams, discovered the hidden island of Minaui in 1829 on his dinky boat, Limey, while searching the South Pacific for lost gold. He set out from Hawaii at a tender age of 23 hoping to find great fortune looking for treasure that has yet been found. After 5 years of searching and coming up empty handed, he discovered a mysterious island. It was rich with exotic plants and wildlife that could be found nowhere else on Earth. He spent many months on the island, studying the exotic plants and animals. While exploring the island, he stumbled upon a huge cavern. What he found inside was a huge treasure chest filled with gold and gems. He has finally found what he has been looking for. After exploring the entirety of the island, he decided to give this island an exotic name, Minaui. He left the island in 1830 and went back to Hawaii to spread the news about the island that he discovered to his friends. He later published a book detailing his adventure on the island of Minaui.


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